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more herds, misc remarks Feb. 10th, 2006 @ 11:20 am
It looks like I will likely be joining a couple more herds, I have been looking at a few mplayer bugs lately, and I have talked to lu_zero about working on it with him. I also have been trying to help out with Gnome a bit, I bumped several Gnome packages yesterday, and I have been looking at various Gnome bugs.

One comment I want to make (having been a dev for almost 3 weeks now). I have noticed that a lot of users file bugs attributing machine crashes/lockups/reboots/etc to program bugs. In a Linux/UNIX environment, if a program can cause a system crash it's either a bug in the kernel (or at the moment a bug in X), or bad hardware, period. Programs can cause kernel bugs to manifest, or can stress your hardware in ways you haven't stressed it before, but they cannot cause the system to go down. If a particular program update seems to be causing your machine to do odd things, maybe your system isn't sufficiently cooled, or you have a buggy kernel (nvidia-kernel and ati-drivers are well known to cause a lot of problems, if you have these loaded, try again without).

blogging Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 11:14 pm
As it has been years since I updated my last blog, and since spambots have rendered WordPress practically useless, I figured I would start here.

Since I am now a Gentoo developer, I figured it might be time to start blogging again, if I ever get a response from user relations, this should be listed on Planet Gentoo.
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